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 Download Privacy Killer 3.0.950 Free Trial!   Release: 10 November 2010  



   What's New (Version 3.0.950 (Build: 10 November 2010))      


    *Support for Opera 10.63, Firefox 3.6 (boss key)
*Support for Skype 5 (boss key)
*Fixed Opera bug when windows was hidden/shown
*Internal stability fixes
   What's New (Version 3.0.900 (Build: 10 September 2010))      


    *Support for Firefox 3.6 & 4.0 BETA 5
*Windows 7 stability fixes
*Internal stability fixes
   What's New (Version 3.0.428 (Build: 28 April 2010))      


    *Fixed a Hang/Freeze on the PlugIns Tab for non English Regional settings
*Fixed a minor incorrect behaviour of the grid on the PlugIns Tab
*Fixed a minor problem reading process names on the Task Manager
*Fixed a incorrect reading with the Registry Manager (Demo mode only)
   What's New (Version 3.0.218 (Build: 18 February 2010))      


    *Fixed a random crash problem with the StartUp Manager
*Fixed a Message box issue when clicking on the Main-Tab Buttons
*Fixed incorrect reading of RAM issue with x64 bit systems
*Internal stability fixes
   What's New (Version 3.0 (Build: 23 October 2009))      



+Available in Multiple Languages
+New Tools Tab
+New Google Chrome Tab
+150 PlugIns
+New Detailed Output View
+New Secure File Deletion Feature
+New Cookie Manager - Support for Firefox
+New Task Manager - Shows detailed information on your process list
+StartUp Manager - Added Enable/Disable Status
+File Shredder - Secure Deletion Options Added
+File Shredder - Unicode aware Files & Folders can now be Added to the list
+Boss Key - Ability to Mute Sound when Boss Key is in Use
+New Google Chrome Tab
+Google Chrome Browser - can also be hidden via the Boss Keys
+Maxthon Browser - can also be hidden via the Boss Keys
+New IE 'Sessions' option added
+New Quick Menu button added
+PlugIns Tab - Detect Installed Programs Only Menu Added
+Privacy Locker Boss Key changed, due to a Windows 7 conflict
*Registry Manager - More Registry Options added

*Registry Manager - Faster scanning
*Registry Manager - Save List Menu added
*Registry Manager - Open in RegEdit Menu added
*Registry Manager - Accurate BackUp of the Registry
*Uninstall Manager - Faster Loading
*Uninstall Manager - Faster Searching
*Toolbars Tab - Removed & now available through PlugIns
*Support for Opera 10
*Fixed a problem with the Windows Recycle Bin
*Compatibility Improvements with MS Vista
*Compatibility Improvements with MS Windows 7
-External File Dependency removed: 'scrun.dll', 'mscomctl.ocx'
-ToolTip windows removed
*Internal stability fixes
*Enhanced GUI
+Registration Wizard - New Language select option added
+Registration Wizard - Offline Activation option added
*Registration Wizard - Internal stability fixes
+PlugIn Manager - Detect File option added
*PlugIn Manager - Internal stability fixes
+Privacy Locker - Counts Number of attempts added
+Privacy Locker - Displays current logged in Username added
*Privacy Locker - Internal stability fixes
   System Requirements  

Get IE 8 Now!



  • Intel Pentium or compatible processor
  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7
  • 128 MB RAM or more
  • 10 MB hard disk space
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher OR
    a Mozilla compatible browser
  • Video Settings - Colour Depth set to 32bit
  • Active Internet Connection

We recommend you install Internet Explorer 8 for best results with Privacy Killer.



    More Language packs will be available soon.

If you would like to contribute to the Translation process, please get in touch with us:   info@privacykiller.com


   Other Useful Updates & Links      

Please make sure you always install the latest updates available for Internet Explorer, Windows and other
 Browsers.  Visit:  http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com

   Limitation of the Trial Version      


  • Nag Screen
  • Shreds a file at a maximum size of 2MBs
  • Themes will be reset upon restarting the application
  • Scheduled Cleaning Disabled
  • Cookie Manager Disabled
  • HotKeys Unchangeable
  • StartUp Manager limited to 1 removal per session
  • Uninstall Manager limited to 1 removal per session
  • Registry Manager limited to 5 removals per session
  • and more disabled features...
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